Central PA Soup COOk-OFF

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100% of proceeds benefit The Scleroderma Foundation

Official Rules for the Central PA Soup-Cook Off! 

Chefs should arrive between 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. (ET) on the day of the event.

All soups must be prepared prior to the event and be ready for tasting by 12:00 PM.

We recommend that each chef bring at least 15 quarts of soup for the event.

Sanitary gloves must be worn at all times while handling food.  Sanitary gloves will be provided to amateur chefs upon request.  

Please provide a presentable list of ingredients to avoid any food related health issues and/or allergies. Ingredient lists may be submitted to the event committee prior to the event.

Due to limited electrical availability, Sternos (or other non-electrical options) are required of all professional chefs. Sternos are available to amateurs upon request.

Tables, linens & chairs will be provided for each chef. Additional space will also be available underneath and behind serving stations.

Chefs are responsible for providing their own serving utensils, Sternos, pots & other necessary items for serving the soup(s).

Chefs may serve soups with garnishes and/or sides.

The event committee will supply tasting cups, spoons & napkins, if needed.

Chefs are permitted to display signage, promotional materials and/or business cards at serving stations.

Each attendee will receive a ballot to vote for the Best Presentation overall soup and three soups from each division (Amateur & Professional) to determine the winners of the People’s Choice award.   

A panel of judges will select the top three soups from each division (Professional & Amateur)

All votes must be submitted by 2 PM. The top three soups from each division, Best Presentation, and the People’s Choice award will be presented at 2:45 PM.

Chefs are encouraged to promote the event and invite family, friends & co-workers.

Chefs are encouraged to provide any leftover soup to Central PA Soup Cook-Off for donations.

All attendees participate at their own risk.  Central PA Soup Cook-Off committee members and Appalachian Brewing Company will not be held responsible for any damaged or missing items.

By participating in the event, I agree to allow and authorize the Central PA Soup Cook-Off to use my name and likeness in press releases, promotional materials and publications, including social media channels, without compensation.


We appreciate your participation in the 2020 Central PA Soup Cook-Off and for helping us raise funds & awareness to support the Scleroderma Foundation.


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Delicious Soups

From local professional

and amatuer chefs


Live Music

from some of your favorite acoustic acts

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Raffles & 50/50 Drawing

with all proceeds going to a great cause

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The Scleroderma Foundation

receives an average of $6,500 each year from this event